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Customer Reviews

We are very proud of our successful treatments. Read our testimonials from our satisfied customers.
I would like to thank Marina for the permanent eyebrows. Because of her expertise, eyebrows look very natural even immediately after treatment. The color matched my complexion just the way I wanted it. She works quickly, accurately and virtually painlessly. The studio is sterile, clean and hygienic


Marina, thank you for the beautiful eyebrows! You are highly competent, working diligently in a sterile environment with attention to the customer. Since this was my first time, I wasn't sure if I had made the right choice to have the PMU done with you. Fortunately, everything turned out beautifully and I will follow all your advice to keep it that way. To all: this artist can really be trusted with your face!


I waited 2 weeks to post my review because I wanted to see the results before saying anything about it. Marina is simply fantastic! She has so much patience and is a great listener. I am really underwhelmed by her professionalism. She did an excellent job of making sure I got exactly what I wanted. She has such a light hand that I almost didn't know she was starting until she was already almost done. I can't wait to go back for my update.



Marina is a true artist and consummate professional in the art of semi-permanent makeup. She takes the time to explain everything about the experience and determine exactly what the client wants to achieve. She makes sure everything is clear and expectations are realistic. She did both upper and lower eyeliner on me and I am overwhelmed with the results ...


Active since 2010

LoveBody invites you to wake up every day without unwanted hair! Since 2010, Marina has been helping women and men feel confident and look perfect every day through the use of various beauty treatments.


Marina is fully certified and has 10 years of experience as a cosmetic consultant in our other studios such as LoveNails and LoveMakeUp. She has an undeniable passion for creating flawless looks that suit clients.


Why choose LoveBody

8 reasons to stop hesitating and choose permanent hair removal with our diode laser today!
  • long-lasting result
  • trained personnel
  • reliable laser equipment
  • hygiene & sterility prevails
  • painless treatments
  • no ingrown hairs
  • saves time and money
  • high quality at affordable prices