Laser hair removal in 4 steps

What does a laser hair removal treatment look like? What steps should you go through? At LoveBody, we are happy to answer these and many other questions surrounding laser hair removal!

With our expertise and specialization in laser hair removal, we strive for more than just satisfactory results. Discover below our roadmap for a successful laser hair removal experience, where we guide you through every step, from preparation to aftercare.

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    During this consultation, they will assess your skin and hair type and review your medical history.

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    With the light from our laser, we can destroy the hair follicles on the body parts to be treated.

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    After treatment, your skin may be sensitive and red. A soothing cream often helps and avoid sun exposure.

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1. Consultation and evaluation

The first step in the process of laser hair removal is a consultation with a laser hair removal specialist. During this appointment, the specialist will assess the area to be treated and determine if you are a suitable candidate for laser hair removal.

In addition, they will review your medical history and discuss any risks or side effects. You will also be given information about the treatment itself, what to expect and how many sessions are needed.


2. Preparation

Before you begin laser hair removal, make sure the area to be treated is shaved. It is also important to keep the skin clean and dry, without products such as creams, lotions or deodorant.

Also, avoid sun or tanning bed exposure before and after treatment to avoid possible complications.

3. Permanent hair removal treatment

During the treatment, you will be comfortably positioned and the specialist will set the laser equipment based on your skin tone and hair type.

Once set, the laser will be used to emit a pulse of concentrated light that destroys the hair follicles without damaging the surrounding skin.

The length of the session depends on the size of the treated area and can range from a few minutes to an hour.


4. Aftercare & follow-up

After the treatment, your skin may be sensitive, show redness and there may be some swelling. The specialist will instruct you on how to care for the treated area and what products to use to relieve any pain or discomfort.

It is important to follow the specialist’s instructions carefully to achieve the best results and avoid possible complications. Multiple sessions are usually needed to achieve desired results, so a follow-up appointment is often scheduled to discuss progress and determine next steps.

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